Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cymbalta withdrawal

I have been taking Cymbalta for chronic pain for a few years now.  Due to a problem with the pharmacy's communication with me, my refill will not be ready for another few days.  I am in the middle of horrible withdrawal symptoms.  I ran out of my Cymbalta about a week before the pharmacy will end up mailing me the refill.  I had no idea that the withdrawal symptoms from the drug are so intense and wretched. 

I have constant uncomfortable tactile sensations, a profound rebound issue with my pain level, and projectile vomiting to mention just a fraction of the symptoms.  Most disturbing is I can feel what seem to be electrical pulses shooting up and down my cervical spine and in my head.

I can guarantee you I will try very hard not to run out of this med again.  It's been a week already and the symptoms show no sign at all of decreasing in intensity.  I can only imagine what sort of haywire my brain chemistry is going through.

Just thought it would be important for people to know this in case they are taking or thinking of taking Cymbalta.

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