Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Highless" cannabis developed for medicinal use in Israel

I just got an email from a friend of mine who has relatives in Israel with some impressive news regarding medical cannabis research there.  It seems that a new strain has been developed with negligible THC, but very large percentages of CBD.  What this does, is let those individuals who are sensitive to the "high" of cannabis utilize it for its potent anti-inflammatory properties.

We all know that cannabis has a number of medicinal properties, but everyone using it for medical reasons is always accused of  "just wanting to get high."  This should put an end to that argument.  However, THC has potent medicinal properties of its own, so not everyone will be happy with a strain without it.  But for those who cannot tolerate the effects of THC, this strain could be a blessing.  Thanks to the researchers in Israel for all the work they have done on it.

Below is an excerpt from the original article which you can find at:
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Dr. Ruth Gallily of the Hebrew University, who works for the company and has been studying CBD for more than 12 years, said she has found that the substance has impressive anti-inflammatory qualities. She has been testing the effects of Tikun Olam's CBD-enhanced cannabis on mice and expects clinical trials to begin in a few months.

Avidekel is a new strain of a plant that is already permitted for medical use so there is nothing stopping patients who are already being treated with marijuana from trying Avidekel. About 10 patients began using it in the past six months, Klein said.

"The cannabis plant, enriched with CBD, can be used for treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes," she said, adding there are no side effects.

"It's a huge advantage," said one 35-year-old patient who asked not to be identified, "I can smoke during the day, function with a lot less pain and still be focused, work and drive. It is a great gift."

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